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Nashville installs 140ft digital art display


Nashville International Airport (BNA) in Tennessee has installed a 140ft digital art display by creative studio Gentilhomme in the lobby of the expanded international arrivals terminal.

In the security zone, passengers will be greeted by two adjacent displays portraying cultural staples belonging to the city and its surrounding region. Spanning two panoramic screens each 70ft wide at 24K combined resolution, hours of video capsules have been curated to pay homage to Nashville’s legacy. With the mantra ‘good times await your return’, the team produced hours of original video content including advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI) and live-action filmmaking captured in over 20 locations within Nashville and surrounding Tennessee areas.

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Passengers traveling through Nashville will see more than a dozen vignettes experienced as massive digital art postcards. One of the pieces, Art of Making, was filmed at two local music institutions, Nashville…

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