Ripple vs. SEC Will Be a Key Case for U.S. Fintech Future


Ripple investors and XRP holders are not the only ones with a keen eye on the ongoing battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Big banks are also taking a keen interest.

Late last week, London-based IG Bank published an article on the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC case. The development is interesting because it proves that major financial players still pay attention to the crypto industry.

IG Bank is a Swiss-regulated financial institution offering investments and trading to professional clients.

It noted that an “SEC victory could severely limit the ability of crypto companies to grow.” Furthermore, crypto companies such as Ripple often launch new tokens to generate cash. The bank detailed the case, concluding that:

“A positive outcome for Ripple could see XRP soar, but with the case in the air, this is far from guaranteed.”

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