Sondra Bernstein is back at girl & the fig—this time with AI art


Sondra Bernstein, founder of girl & the fig, returned to the famed Plaza restaurant last week—this time as its resident artist.

On Jan. 25, the restaurant held an mixer to publicly debut Bernstein’s work; a series of digital art prints generated using Artificial Intelligence.

The images hung in close groupings on the butter-yellow walls in the dining area, while her larger pieces were given ample space in the bar area.

Almost everyone had a complimentary glass of sparkling wine in their hands as they stood in small groups admiring the artwork and chatting. Roughly 100 people attended the event, some Bernstein knew from her days as an owner of the restaurant, but almost none of them had ever seen her work with AI art.

It’s a pivot Bernstein made recently; AI art is a very new field — one that is constantly evolving. The former restaurateur has been exploring the medium and her next chapter in life.

“I think she’s one of the most visually creative people,” said Alison Kilmer, a friend who attended the party. “And this is just a lovely expression of who she…

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