The Future of Digital Art Platforms Is Integrated—and Artlogic Offers Galleries a Comprehensive Solution to Get There


The business of art has myriad industry-specific needs and challenges—which artists, gallerists, collectors, and other practitioners navigate daily. Since 1994, Artlogic has worked to create comprehensive digital solutions for art-oriented businesses, from emerging to established artist studios, small to large galleries, and collectors of any scale. Prioritizing efficiency, the platform has been primarily concerned with offloading quotidian tasks and workflows to save users time, maximize productivity, and make room for innovation. With Artlogic offering advanced sales and CRM management tools, as well as expansive website and database services, the platform can both modernize operations and act as a launch point to scale businesses to the next level.

Courtesy of Artlogic.

Last year, Artlogic saw a dramatic 22 percent increase in the number of artworks contained in the platform’s databases—from six million to nearly nine million works. And since 2020, there has been a 65 percent growth to more than 90 million sales emails and newsletters sent through the Artlogic…

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