the immersive visions of 15 global artists go beyond time & space


digital impact is not just an exhibition


Through the works of artists like Refik Anadol, Random International, and Six N. Five, Digital Impact is breaking digital barriers. An experience more than an exhibition, the project unravels in Barcelona, turning the Spanish city into a sample of the creative force of a reality full of possibilities. Present and future meet as artificial art and design reveal limitless ideas and concepts, all explored through interactive and immersive installations. The event runs from 27 April to 27 August, 2023, right after the world’s annual leading audiovisual exhibition, ISE.

Future you by Universal Everything



15 global artists bring digital art into the collective



Hosted at Disseny Hub and proposed by Antoni Arola Studio, Digital Impact is Barcelona’s first great experiential exhibition of digital art with the aim of bringing it closer to citizens and integrate it into the collective consciousness in order to provoke reactions and emotions of the public. The exhibition stages, through the artistic avant-garde, design, poetry and…

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