What is a crypto winter and are we still experiencing one?


“Crypto winter” refers to a prolonged bear market in the cryptocurrency industry, characterised by a significant decrease in the prices of cryptocurrencies and a reduction in market capitalization. It is a period during which investor sentiment towards the cryptocurrency market is negative, and few people are interested in buying digital currencies.

The term “crypto winter” was first used in late 2018, when the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant downturn. At the time, the market was still in its infancy, and many people had invested in cryptocurrencies with the expectation of making quick profits. However, as the market experienced a sharp decline, many investors realised that they had invested in a highly volatile asset, and many began to sell their holdings, causing prices to drop further.

What causes a crypto winter?

The causes of a crypto winter can be many and varied. It can be due to a lack of regulatory clarity, a decrease in interest from institutional investors, or simply a result of market saturation. In some cases, the crypto winter can also be caused by a…

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