NFT Trading Platform SudoSwap Airdrops its Governance Token


NFT marketplace SudoSwap said it debuted its native governance token called SUDO with an airdrop of coins to early supporters.

The move comes amid a recent resurgence in NFT trading volume after a lull that was part of a broader downturn in crypto activity.

SUDO Tokens to Be Airdropped to SudoSwap LPs

SudoSwap announced the launch of its SUDO token on Monday, Jan. 30. The token release, updated earlier today, included an airdrop for early supporters of the project.

The SUDO airdrop will reward liquidity providers (LPs) on the platform. SudoSwap is a different kind of NFT marketplace from the likes of OpenSea. It resembles more of an automated market-making platform like Uniswap but for NFTs.

SudoSwap enables the creation of liquidity pools for NFTs. As such, there are liquidity providers, users who supply liquidity in the form of NFTs and crypto tokens to enable trading, and the airdrop is designed to reward them.

LPs are not the only ones who will benefit from the airdrop, as XMON holders can qualify for the airdrop as well. XMON is the native token of the…

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