Oditto Gallery offers NFT with each piece of physical art purchased.


A new gallery on the island is bringing fine art into the world of cryptocurrency and the next stage of the internet.

Oditto Gallery, 139 N. County Road, Suite 11, in the Paramount Theatre building, is one of the first fine art galleries in the world to offer a nonfungible token, or NFT, with each piece of physical art purchased.

The artists featured in the gallery include globally recognized names: TRAN$PARENT, Paula Urzica, David Banegas, Ron Burkhardt, Toni Sanchez, Serge Strosberg, Paul Nagy and Nita Patel. Exhibitions include Patel’s works of “healing art” in February, Gabe Weiss in March, Asli Ozok in April and Toni Sanchez in May.

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