How to Become a Blockchain Developer


It’s been a rough year for cryptocurrencies, with the collapse of crypto-centric companies like FTX forcing coin prices to fluctuate wildly. However, organizations of all shapes and sizes are still interested in the potential of the blockchain, the technology undergirding crypto—and that means opportunities for those who want to work in blockchain development.

A Statista study published in May 2022 projects the blockchain market will reach nearly $40 billion by 2025. Blockchain developers are responsible for designing and customizing blockchains and blockchain-based solutions, including cutting-edge ones like “smart contracts.”

Tomasz Nurkiewicz, CTO at DevSkiller, explains that some experience with development is key to getting started on the path to a career in blockchain. “You don’t need to know any particular language because blockchain development has its own kind of ecosystem, but knowing the basics of algorithms and data structures is a good thing,” he says. “You don’t need any front-end or back-end prior experience—having theoretical backgrounds,…

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