Three types of art sought for third annual art contest


Last week, the Grosse Pointe News kicked off its 2023 Finer Pointes art contest, the deadline for which is Friday, April 7.
The theme for the third annual contest is “Fresh Takes,” which invites artists to submit “fresh” art in the forms of photography, digital art and sneaker art. All submissions must be original and must have been created within the past year.
Photography can be captured on film or digitally, with a camera or smartphone.
Digital art is defined as artistic works “that use digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.” Digital artists, who use light, sound and pixels in the creative process, have a variety of mediums in which to work, among them digital painting, two- and three-dimensional painting, digital photography and digital collage.
However, the use of AI image generation is strictly prohibited.
As for sneaker art, a craze that took off a few years ago, artists are encouraged to paint a pair of sneakers with an original design. High-durability acrylic paints are available in options specific to leather and…

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