Why Blockchain in CRE Will Survive the Crypto Tumult – Commercial Property Executive


A colleague and I recently spoke to a group of real estate industry accounting and finance leaders at a conference and our topic was blockchain–both a primer about what it is and why leaders in our industry should be paying attention to it. I had two big takeaways from the event and interaction with the folks who attended. First, the general level of literacy about blockchain is pretty modest. That’s okay, but it won’t continue to be okay for long. Second, the attendees seemed to understand that there’s a baby in the cryptocurrency bathwater. In other words, the recent crypto exchange failure wasn’t taken as an indictment of the technology.

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John D’Angelo

I’d spoken in front of this group a few times over the past years, and I was happy to speak with them again about blockchain applications in the industry. In Deloitte’s Commercial Real Estate Outlook survey, for example, we heard from many of those surveyed that they’re either investigating, in early state development or piloting such things as asset…

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