Blockchain for the cannabis industry: Greg Ward talks about CannaTrack and the power of BSV


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Gregory Ward from SmartLedger has recently appeared on quite a few podcasts to talk about the utility of blockchain technology and the various tools SmartLedger is building to utilize Bitcoin SV (BSV). Earlier this month, he spoke to the Design This podcast about how this revolutionary technology can transform that industry.

Introducing CannaTrack

CannaTrack is a blockchain-powered tool to enhance data integrity and create greater transparency in the cannabis industry.

Ward explains that it interacts with the blockchain in several different ways. Each stakeholder in the supply chain of the cannabis industry gets a private-public key pair. For example, a farmer can submit a sample of a crop he has grown by registering on the CannaTrack platform and use his private-public key pair to make sure a lab analysis of his produce is associated with his farm on the blockchain, producing a certificate of analysis (COA). Likewise, the lab would use…

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