BookDrop NFT Joshua Davis CryptoArt


February, 1st 2023 – The NFT Magazine presents the second volume of CryptoArt Monograph with the OG Generative Artist Joshua Davis, carefully curated by art collector, curator and appraiser Ronnie K. Pirovino.

This new CryptoArt Monograph, along with the #02 Issue 2k23 of The NFT Magazine will be available with a double drop from 6th February 2023 at 6,30 PM ET, both on Nifty Gateway, with the COVER DROP and BookDrop NFT for ONE WEEK.

The BookDrop NFT is associated with a physical #CryptoArtMonograph Book, a limited edition art catalog that contains unpublished curated texts to discover his art, to be redeemed the physical book within one year only with the NFT.

Only for this occasion, the artist has created an UNPUBLISHED ARTWORK associated with the physical book and Cover of the #02Issue of The NFT Magazine, both collectibles.

With “CryptoArt Monograph”, The NFT Magazine aims to overcome the boundaries of Web3 publishing at your home as in the metaverse.

#02 Joshua Davis | CryptoArt Monograph is an unexpected beautiful trip inside one of the last generative art…

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