Mastercard NFT Chief Quits Over Pay, Offers Tokens Of His Resignation


Satvik Sethi lost the U.S. visa lottery and then he lost a whole lot more. After his employer, Mastercard
, transferred him to London from New York, he was overwhelmed by a 40% cut in pay that he only received sporadically due to company systems problems. He ended up taking outside work just to make ends meet.

The 2020 graduate of Binghamton University had the grandiose title of NFT product lead, and proving that he knew his stuff, he made his resignation letter a non-fungible token that the public can mint for 0.023 ether, or about $38, netting him $3,610 from 95 supporters.

Sethi, who would not reveal how much he was paid, described his time in London in bleak terms. “At Mastercard, I was a victim of harassment & emotional distress caused by a series of mismanaged processes, miscommunication, internal inefficiency,” he wrote in a Twitter thread. “I had to work side jobs this past year to make…

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