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TL:DR: SillyGabe is a successful NFT artist who has collaborated with top artists including ICE Cube and Zedd. With over 10 years of experience as a VJ at concerts and almost 8 years of creating their own art, SillyGabe got into the NFT art space in late 2020. Their work is inspired by music, nature, and technology, and they use Cinema 4D as their creative process. They are proud of their work “Diorama” created in collaboration with Zedd and believe that the future of NFT art is positive, with a recent trend of artists releasing lower cost open editions. SillyGabe balances the technical and creative aspects of NFT art by constantly learning and growing with each new piece. Today, SillyGabe has a drop coming on Nifty Gateway.



Can you tell us about your background and how you got into creating NFT art?

I first started making my own art after VJing at live events and concerts.  I have been touring with Zedd as visual director and VJ for over ten years, and when I started in the music industry I knew nothing about digital art at all.  I was using other…

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