Top Crypto Analyst Issues Warning on Altcoins As Bitcoin (BTC) Edges Higher – Here’s His Outlook


A popular cryptocurrency analyst is urging caution on altcoins amid an over 40% Bitcoin (BTC) rally year-to-date.

Pseudonymous crypto analyst Kaleo tells his 561,500 Twitter followers to be “careful” with altcoins, using the example of the Ethereum(ETH)/Bitcoin pair which currently shows a strong downward trend.

According to Kaleo, Bitcoin looks likely to outperform altcoins as it is the go-to crypto asset during bear market rallies.


This is your reminder to be careful with altcoins.

When Bitcoin squeezes above this range, there’s a good chance a lot of these major support levels that altcoin/BTC pairs are currently sitting on break lower.

BTC becomes a black hole of liquidity in bear market rallies.”

Source: Kaleo/Twitter

Based on the ETH/BTC chart above, Kaleo seems to be suggesting that when paired against Bitcoin, Ethereum is set to fall from around 0.07 BTC to roughly between 0.051-0.047 BTC, a decline of approximately 31.72%.

Ethereum is trading for 0.07030244 BTC, or $1,656, at time of writing.

Kaleo has previously said that Ethereum typically…

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