Fintech: Is wamo a Bank? 


Do you remember the days you waited in line at banks to withdraw and deposit money? Sending money would become pure torture. Luckily, the banking concept has also evolved to a different dimension with the change and development of technology. 

We started to handle my transactions quite easily from financial applications (mobile apps and software). Among them, a fintech company works as an alternative for banks called wamo. In this article we want to introduce the readers to this financial platform, discussing what wamo is and what kind of service it provides. 

What is wamo? 

wamo, the fintech company, operates as an alternative to banking institutions, allowing businesses to register business accounts, transfer and receive money, make payments, and distribute debit cards. Various advantages are combined on under one roof. Almost any operation you want to do with funds can be done from the wamo app without signing out.  

The most exciting feature of the platform is that account users may also manage the team’s finances via the app, including…

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