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Polygon x Nat Geo 1888 ‘GM’ NFT Collection Enters Secondary Market ⋆ ZyCrypto


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In commemorating its 135th anniversary, National Geographic partnered with Polygon on Wednesday to release a super rare photograph NFT collection titled “Good morning: Daybreak around the world” or ‘GM’ for short. The collection, which comprises 1888 NFTs, is a compilation of 16 early-morning photograph images taken by renowned photographers from locations around the world and remodelled into 118 editions each.

Pegged at a selling price of 215 MATIC (~ $200) per piece, Nat Geo aims to bring storytelling to Web3 with the public sale. Only 18% of the collection has been sold so far on the self-acclaimed premium NFT platform, Snowcrash, drawing scepticism on the timing of release and the general market sentiments to NFTs currently.

Nat Geo x Polygon

Nat Geo tips Polygon as its preferred blockchain owing to its multichain feature, fast transaction capability and enormous commitment to environmental sustainability. Polygon currently boasts a transaction speed of 65,000 TPS and has remained carbon neutral for…

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