The potential NFT loan market, accessing liquidity through digital assets – SlateCast 51


SlateCast 51 began with a conversation regarding developments in the crypto world and the impact of downturns on the industry. Host Akiba and guest Justin Bram of Astaria discuss a new project called Astaria which aims to unlock instant liquidity for every on-chain asset.

Astaria will launch an NFT lending marketplace where people can borrow against the value of their NFTs. The conversation also touches on the issues faced by the crypto industry, such as the FTX scandal and the negative impact it had on the industry. Justin also gives an overview of his work with Astaria and their goal to reach their long-term mission of unlocking instant liquidity for every on-chain asset.

Justin believes that in the short term, the NFT loan market is still small, with only a few hundred thousand dollars worth of loans originating each day. However, he believes that as technology advances and more real-world assets are tokenized, the market could grow significantly.

He also mentions that companies specializing in the custody and delivery of real-world assets, such as watches and classic cars, are…

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