blockchain technology to distribute data using NFT


WeTransfer has partnered with Minima to use its revolutionary blockchain technology, which protects the privacy of user data, to distribute NFTs. These Non-Fungible Tokens will be able to be created directly by users via smartphones or other devices. 

WeTransfer chooses Minima’s blockchain technology to distribute data using NFTs

Renowned digital content sharing platform WeTransfer appears to have switched to NFTs in partnership with Minima, a blockchain technology that enables users to manage the digital rights of their intellectual property. 

Essentially, with this partnership, users can generate NFTs directly from their smartphones or other devices, having full control over how and with whom they share their digital assets and efficiently collect revenue. 

The Minima network is a cutting-edge blockchain technology with a global deployment that will be operational in 180 countries in March. Not only that, Minima aims to protect data privacy and put self-sovereignty at the center of everything. 

In this regard, Hugo Feiler, CEO of Minima, said:

“We as a partnership…

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