léo caillard duplicates his existing warped classical marble sculptures as NFT drops


Replicating léo caillard’s classical marble sculptures


Leo Caillard distorts marble sculptures like an old tube TV flickering to death as it scrambles for nearby signals. He has already dressed up classical figures with hippie clothes, and now, the French artist returns with his distorted sculptures. This time, he reproduces their digital twins and uploads their copies as NFTs.  Melding the past and present comes to the forefront as viewers are afforded scenic landscapes behind Caillard’s stretched and elongated marble sculptures.


The recent NFT drop of Caillard presents a selection of three of his real-life works, placed in natural environments such as vestiges from a different space-time. NFT cults who prefer to own digitized versions of Caillard’s marble works, which exist in real life, have the chance to bid and keep their copies, saving the juxtaposition between antiquity in style and the use of modern technology in contemporary creative mediums. Along with the NFTs, Caillard is in the process of culminating his mixed-media sculptures and works into a book.


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