What Is NFT Art? Everything You Need To Know


NFTs are a relatively new concept that burst onto the scene with the metaverse development. NFT stands for non-fungible token. When dealing with economics, fungible assets refer to readily interchangeable units, such as money and currency.

For example, you could exchange four American five-dollar bills for one American twenty-dollar bill, which would hold the same value. However, any non-fungible asset has unique properties that cannot be interchanged with anything else.

NFTs are assets that can be purchased or sold, just like any other object or property, but they are unique intangible objects. NFTs are digital assets bought, sold and traded within the metaverse.

NFTs are not just one form — even though they are not traditional art, they now very much exist in the art world. But how can something digital and intangible be art? Keep reading to find out more.

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NFTs: A brief history

To better understand NFT art, knowing how non-fungible tokens developed in the first place is…

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