NFT Biennial: The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy


The World’s First Art NFT Biennial is an international event that brings together the best and brightest in the digital art world, featuring works by top-tier artists and new talent alike.

The NFT Biennial will take place in different locations around the world during January and February 2023, with the first stop being in Istanbul at Zorlu PSM on January 6, 2023.

Visitors to the NFT Biennial will be able to experience a range of activities including multimedia art performances, hybrid talks, VR/AR experiences, and immersive exhibitions. At the biennial, whose Founding Director is Rahim Unlu, will also feature live-minting sessions and opening keynotes, lectures and panels on art and NFTs. 

The theme of the NFT Biennial is “The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy,” inviting attendees to explore the concept of a poetic human in an abstract digital universe. The Biennial will feature special projects and pavilions by Vellum LA x Unicorn DAO, theVERSEverse, fx(hash), Harddisk Museum, Artsect DAO, Istanbul X Media Art Museum and more. NFT Biennial is supported by the Tezos

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