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New year, new trend.

A little over a month into 2023 and we have already experienced a pivot in the digital art market. Open Editions (OEs), a once uncommon drop mechanic many artists shied away from, has now gone viral post Manifold’s latest burn capabilities.

From Nessgraphic’s record breaking $2.2 million sale, to Vincent Van Dough’s Checks – Pepe Edition, we have seen this trend takeover our Twitter feeds and inspire many to jump on the OE bandwagon.

Including NYC based collector, curator and founder of The Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown.

For those unaware, King of Midtown is a highly respected collector based in New York City. He has quickly gained a reputation in the art world due to his unique Twitter personality and his vocal support of the digital art community. With a passion for bringing the digital marketplace to life, King recently founded The Crypt Gallery, an exhibition space that aims to educate the public and encourage greater participation in collecting digital art. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Haute…

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