Reddit’s Super Bowl LVII NFT Avatars Reach One Million Mark, A Game-Changing Moment in the NFT World!


Recently, Reddit’s Collectible Avatars program has given millions of users access to free NFTs, making it an example of efficient onboarding to the Web3 world. And now, with a new partnership with the NFL, Reddit is poised to reach another milestone by offering free Super Bowl NFTs.

Since its launch on Monday, the official Super Bowl LVII NFT avatars have seen an overwhelming response, with more than 1.3 million being minted, and an impressive 500,000 being created in just one day on Tuesday. The popularity of Reddit’s Collectible Avatar NFTs is further reflected in publicly available blockchain statistics on Dune, which show that users have already created over 9.7 million of these NFTs.

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Super Bowl NFTs Easing the Way for Newcomers: An Accessible Onboarding Experience

Reddit platform users have the opportunity to receive one of four different Super Bowl avatar designs, featuring either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles, for free. These collectible avatars are minted on Polygon, a network built on top of Ethereum that…

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