Shopify launches suite of blockchain commerce tools for merchants


Crypto-friendly e-commerce giant Shopify has launched a suite of blockchain commerce tools to enhance the user experience of their web3-focused stores hosted by the platform.

Announcing the move via Twitter on Feb. 9, Shopify blockchain team designer @ryancreatescopy noted that “we’ve launched some fresh tools to help you buidl tokengating apps for Shopify merchants.”

In particular, expanded crypto wallet connect features and “tokengating” application programming interface (API) tools have been highlighted. The latter has been in early access beta access mode since June 2022 and was previously only available to a select number of merchants.

With tokegating, all applicable Shopify merchants can now set up their stores to dictate which token holders can and cannot gain access to exclusive products, NFT drops and benefits.

The tool verifies user eligibility via their connected wallet, and is being touted as a handy way for NFT Merchants to reward certain users or add exclusivity to specific products.

tokegating example: Shopify

In terms of expanded crypto wallet support,…

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