Shopify unveils exciting tools for NFT merchants – Cryptopolitan


Shopify has announced the release of a suite of tools based on blockchain to help users navigate through its Web3 stores. Taking to Twitter, the platform designer broke the news to old and prospective customers. According to the designer, the new tools will help users feel the whole Web3 experience. Asides from that, Merchants on the platform will be able to leverage the tools to create tokengating applications.

Shopify officially releases the tokengating feature

The highlight of the newly released tools is the expansive wallet connection and the tokengating app interface that has been developed. The tokengating feature has undergone a series of tests after Shopify announced it was working on it last year. After a while, the platform released a test version that was only open to a list of selected merchants of their NFT stores.

With the new feature, merchants can choose the type of customers they prefer via the tokens they hold. In addition, the merchants on Shopify will be able to open to close access to their products and services to users. This way, the merchants have a say…

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