From No-coiner to Degen — Mapping the Journeys of the Crypto Curious and Implications for Builders


Saison Capital analyzes users in different stages of crypto adoption, looking at how people enter crypto, and shares valuable insights for crypto builders, in a column for CoinMarketCap.


Building in Web3 must be done with the journeys of the crypto-curious in mind. While crypto has entered the mainstream conversation, penetration is still low – 20M monthly active users on Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchains, in comparison to 5B Internet users. Understanding how one goes from crypto curious to crypto convert is not just for watercooler talk but carries important implications for crypto founders and builders in winning over the majority.

Last month, we wrote the first column for CoinMarketCap on the crypto landscape in Southeast Asia, detailing findings on adoption rates, barriers to overcome for mainstream adoption, and more. As conversations unfolded surrounding the findings, another question arose – “what causes individuals to fall down the crypto rabbit hole?”

The journey, as we outlined in the first article, starts with The No-Coiner – someone who first…

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