Israeli fintech startup nabs $6 million from Palo Alto’s Nir Zuk


Nir Zuk, the American-Israeli founder of the cybersecurity firm, Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is investing a total of $6 million into a fintech startup that developed an artificial intelligence-based digital platform for buying and selling securities.

Founded in 2019 by Eldad Tamir, who is also the founder and CEO of Israeli investment house Tamir Fishman, Finq is an online financial marketplace for investment, pension, and insurance products. The AI-powered platform offers users personalized information for financial decision-making, investment recommendations, and an option to open an investment portfolio specifically tailored to individual needs.

Tamir described Zuk’s investment in the startup as the “beginning of a new financial world in Israel — smart, digital, and objective.”

“Using AI, we take away the public’s sense of detachment from financial issues of this kind and shift the knowledge and consumer power into the public’s hands, just as happened in other industries by companies like Amazon, Booking, and many more,” said Tamir. “With the help of…

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