My First Piece of Digital Art Created With Artificial Intelligence


When last we met I was just getting over my fear of artificial intelligence. It’s with equal parts pride and revulsion I present to you – art.

I created today’s puzzle with AI.

How did I do it? I went to an artificial intelligence image creator called Dall-E and gave it instructions to create:

“A digital image of a black poodle sitting in clay pot, wearing salad as a hat.”

This is what I got.

I did have to Photoshop it a little afterwards to clean it up a bit. I spent a lot of time trying different commands and styles and I think it’s safe to say that AI isn’t going to take over the art world quite yet.

It’s no Van Gogh. Although you can have it create an image in the style of Van Gogh. Or Picasso. Or Rembrandt.

Artificial Intelligence can now write, create art, answer questions, create computer coding … It is not going away.

Good or bad, AI is where we are in our lifetime and hating or ignoring it probably won’t have much effect on anything.

You know what they say. If life gives you lemons, make a digitally created poodle wearing a salad…

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