The 3 Best Fintech Stocks to Buy for February 2023


Fresh off writing about the three most undervalued fintech stocks to buy for February 2023, I’ve been asked to come up with the three best fintech stocks to buy this month. Compared with my undervalued picks, the best fintech stocks are well-known. While they aren’t necessarily mega caps, they have products and services that most investors would recognize. 

Unfortunately, now is a tough time to be thinking about fintech investments. TechCrunch recently discussed how even well-funded fintech companies are laying off employees. For instance, on Jan. 31, PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), one of the largest fintech companies in the world, announced it would cut 7% of its staff, or about 2,000 workers. 

With layoffs in the foreground, perhaps the best fintech stocks are large companies likely to weather the challenging macro environment much better than their smaller peers. You’ll find two of those below, plus a contrarian play. You’re also likely to note that the best fintech stocks to buy now have an international leaning. 

EMFQ Amplify Emerging Markets FinTech ETF $22.04

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