andrés reisinger’s ‘take over’ reimagines major cities with fluffy, flossy, and fancy pink drapes


‘Take over’ by Andrés Reisinger


Andrés Reisinger loves pink. His homage to the whimsical hues manifests in a series of digital artwork that reimagines major cities with tactile, bouncy, fluffy – and at times hairy – flosses that drape over historic architecture. The digital artist and designer presents ‘Take Over’, a series of digital art installations that questions what is real by adding hyperrealistic design elements to existing buildings. People do a double take on his artworks as they pop up on their scrolling feed, a temporary halt Reisinger imagines them to take as he challenges the blurring between digital and reality.


The digital artist revealed ‘Take Over’ on his social media page, combining the physical and digital spheres to suggest a fresh and free interpretation of their possible interactions. The new series, which transcends geographical boundaries into the virtual plane, takes place in major international capitals all over the world such as London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and New York City, offering pink-carpeted curtains to please the eyes and…

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