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Software giant Microsoft is shutting down one of its most significant groups dedicated to the development and promotion of the industrial metaverse. According to reports, the company terminated its whole Industrial Metaverse Core group, which was composed of 100 employees, as part of the 10,000-person layoff rounds announced in January.

Microsoft Reportedly Terminating Industrial Metaverse Group

Microsoft, the Washington-based software giant, seems to be abandoning the metaverse in favor of other initiatives. According to reports from The Information, the company announced internally the disbandment of the Industrial Metaverse Core group, a division of the company directed to bring the metaverse to industrial environments.

The group, which was formed just 4 months ago, served as a bridge for the implementation of metaverse interfaces to control electrical power plants, industrial robotics, and transportation networks. The division was part of the efforts directed to bring the metaverse to industrial environments by bridging software to this initiative.

The 100 employees…

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