No One’s Making Work Like Serwah Attafuah


A girl sits on the ground, thighs half-tucked underneath her, feet flayed forwards, her Hyper Orange Nike Tns filling the lower half of the frame. Her gaze is vacant, innocent, but and vaguely challenging. Probably something to do with the fact that she appears to be half-tiger. Orange and black stripes stretch across her body, up from her hips, across her chest, down her arm: a leotard that melds with her skin, which shimmers and glitters. Her nails, extending from a hand perched on her knee, are chrome, viciously sharp, and long. She knows she’s hot.

It’s an image I’ve looked at for years: a framed digital print, displayed on my sister’s mantle.

And I’ve wanted to profile its creator, Serwah Attafuah, since I first saw it.

Serwah, also known as @wrath_____ on Instagram, is a 24-year-old digital artist and musician from Western Sydney. Her work fuses surreal with the hyper-real, constructing landscapes that are both futuristic and familiar. Many of her works feature ethereal, digitised girls, innocent but commanding in stature, illuminated by golden light, draped in…

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