Andrew Tate Reveals How Much Bitcoin He’s Had Seized by Authorities


Shock Instagram influencer and ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate was arrested on human trafficking and rape charges in December. 

Authorities in Romania—where the British-American lives—have since seized millions of dollars-worth of luxury cars, homes, and watches. 

But what about his Bitcoin? Tate, who boasted about scamming men via his webcam business and had a huge internet following, frequently talked about the size of his cryptocurrency stash. 

Mateea Petrescu, a spokesperson for Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan (who was also arrested ), told Decrypt that Romanian police also confiscated hardware wallets containing digital assets. 

Petrescu said Andrew Tate’s wallet contained five Bitcoin—today worth around $111,339. Tristan’s wallet held around 16 Bitcoin. 

In total, that’s $467,625 worth of the asset. 

Andrew Tate’s Bitcoin was held in his girlfriend’s hardware wallet, the spokesperson said—adding that it couldn’t be confirmed whether the social media star owned more crypto than has already been seized.

Romanian Police told Decrypt they couldn’t comment. 

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