Bitcoin hits record 44M non-zero addresses, thanks to Ordinals: Glassnode


The launch of Bitcoin nonfungible tokens (NFTs) — known as Ordinals — has tipped the number of non-zero Bitcoin addresses to a new all-time high of 44 million, according to crypto analytics platform Glassnode.

In a Feb. 13 report from Glassnode, the firm explained that for the first time in Bitcoin’s 14-year history, a portion of network activity is being used for purposes other than peer-to-peer monetary Bitcoin (BTC)  transfers:

“This is a new and unique moment in Bitcoin history, where an innovation is generating network activity without a classical transfer of coin volume for monetary purposes.”

Glassnode explained that the Ordinals surge has contributed to a “short-term uptick in Bitcoin network usage of late” which has brought many “new active users” with a non-zero BTC balance to the network:

Bitcoin addresses with a non-zero balance is surging. Source: Glassnode

“The primary source of this activity is due to Ordinals, which instead of carrying a large payload of coin volume, is instead carrying a larger payload of data and new active users,” said…

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