Cryptoverse: Punk apes and a resurrection of NFTs


Feb 14 (Reuters) – It’s alive! The NFT market is twitching out of its torpor, defying reports of its demise.

Total NFT sales on the ethereum blockchain – which hosts most trading – jumped to $780.2 million in January from $546.9 million the month before, according to market tracker CryptoSlam.

Digital art collectibles were among the big hits. “Bored Ape Yacht Club #5840” – a cartoon monkey shooting green lasers from its eyes – went for $822,730, for example, while “CryptoPunks #7674” – a pixelated character smoking a pipe – fetched $433,555.

The average NFT sale price was a more modest $372.38, according to CryptoSlam.

The $780 million of sales seen last month is a fraction of the roughly $5 billion seen last January and $2.7 billion in May, before the market took a non-fungible nosedive along with much of the crypto world.

Nonetheless the market’s been inching back since November after hitting a low of $324 million the month before, according to CryptoSlam data, with some traders betting on a future for NFTs in gaming and branding.

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