Ethereum NFT sales climb 43% in January


Ethereum NFT sales jumped 43% in January compared to the previous month, according to CryptoSlam.

Total sales in January came to $780.2 million, which comprised 267.6k unique sellers and 257.6k unique buyers, the data aggregator platform showed.

For comparison, total sales in December 2022 amounted to $546.8 million — consisting of 203.8k unique sellers and 188.2k unique buyers.

The jump in month-over-month sales saw a 31% increase in unique sellers and a 37% increase in unique buyers — suggesting resurging interest in NFTs. However, it was noted January’s average sale price of $372 is down on December 2022’s average of $391.

The chart below shows an uptrend in sales (black line) that peaked on Jan. 18 at $43.9 million. This was the highest sales day since May 20, 2022, when sales hit $44.3 million.

Ethereum NFT $ sales and number of buyers and sellers

A long way to go

Although the data points to a recovery in the NFT market, January’s figures were still significantly down from the market peak in January 2022.

Back then, monthly sales came in at $5.281 billion, comprised of 305k unique sellers and 450.3k…

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