Here’s how to create stunning digital AI art in seconds


Jesper sheds light on why it’s important to study or take a peek at the models used to train these AI tools. He also mentions specific examples and certain biases in data that may not produce an impartial result. That makes it crucial to study the license, limitations, and biases of any AI tool to make sure we don’t create harmful content that’s meant to demean any person or community and spread misinformation.

2. What to learn next?

Coming second-to-last in this course, Jesper discusses the exceptional possibilities of AI and how it can be used to repair damaged images or create extensions of artwork about what it could possibly look like. In a nutshell, you can use Stable Diffusion AI to get inspiration when you’re creating any artwork for a client.

3. Resource

Jesper also provides a really helpful LookBook that’s a brief, abridged version of the video course in text form. It consists of example images created by AI using different prompt styles, so if you ever need to revise the course, this LookBook will save you time having to go through the lessons all over again.

What have…

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