Introducing Breaking David: A Revolutionary New NFT Project that Transforms Michelangelo’s Iconic Masterpiece into Digital Art


Dubai, UAE – Warhol’s artworks introduced a fascinating new form of artistic expression in the 60s, showcasing a collection of paintings focused on mass-produced commercial goods and portraits of quirky celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. Today, you will take inspiration from Warhol’s legacy and introduce Michelangelo’s David into the digital art world with this new NFT project, Breaking David.

The Breaking David collection offers a fresh take on the world’s most renowned statue, turning it into an irreverent collection of digital art. The collection is procedurally generated, meaning that each piece is unique and randomly generated from a poll of over 130 possible traits, including different materials, gadgets, and dress codes. All traits are designed to dialogue with each other and to generate an interesting and thought-provoking persona. Additionally, the collection includes 5 legendary and 1 Ultra Legendary on the Genesis Collection, which is extremely special.

But Breaking David is more than just a digital art collection – it’s a tool…

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