Solvo’s Crypto App Will Create NFTs With Generative AI


Solvo, an EU-based cryptocurrency startup, has announced the official launch of the Solvo app. It aims to convert crypto-curiosity into crypto-capability by bringing the best of the best of crypto to everyone. It is done through a simple, transparent, and user-friendly entry point. However, it also allows users to purchase simple financial products and gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Solvo removes the complex processes of crypto platforms

According to a 2022 survey conducted by 451 Research, a technology research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence. They found that 32% of non-crypto users cited a “lack of understanding of blockchain” as the reason they had not traded cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, 26% of non-users cited cryptocurrency as being “too complicated to purchase” as a barrier to beginning trading. Solvo gets rid of the intimidating and complicated procedures that other crypto platforms have. It offers products that are focused and clear and manages the vast array of options that a…

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