Meet the Four Artists Behind GQ’s First-Ever Digital Art Drop


Can you unpack some of the graphics that went into these digital collages? 

Change Is Good made me think a lot about tension. Very personal experiences of joy and loss have been a big part of my life the last few years, so the idea of visualizing those emotions through intensely contrasting elements, colors, and techniques was important to me. I also wanted to explore how I could utilize every medium I know how to work with in this project. There are 15-plus years’ worth of my photography you can find throughout these pieces, hand-drawn images, revisited elements from old personal projects that felt right to revive, and a small amount of my own AI-generated visuals made specifically for this project. Throughout the collages you’ll find super colorful vibrance and a celebration of life and nature, flowers, trees, skies, suns, humanity. You’ll also find moments of darkness, gloom, cobwebs, grime, cold digital voids. I guess I like the honesty I feel in smashing all of this together. It feels very real to me right now; feels very alive, even the bleak moments.

Photograph by Daniel…

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