Over 100K Ordinals Minted on Bitcoin, Bringing Cheers and Network Congestion


The number of Ordinal inscriptions passed 100,000 late Tuesday, proving that the project to bring digital assets natively to the Bitcoin blockchain continues to intrigue the crypto space since its launch last month.

The 100K milestone was closely watched, and comes less than a day after Ordinals crossed the 75,000 inscription mark, according to a Dune report, with transaction fees for the digital collectibles topping $114,590 earlier today.

As Ordinals surged toward the six-figure mark, the memory usage per block exceeded the standard 300 MB capacity by 86 MB, causing the network to purge any transaction less than 1.74 sats/vB, or Satoshi per byte, according to data from Bitcoin explorer, Mempool.

Even as the Bitcoin network had to adapt to the massive increase in traffic, many Bitcoin faithful continued to see…

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