Analyst Slams Capo As Bitcoin Edges Closer To $25K


Crypto Analyst ‘Ash’ didn’t hold back when it came to criticizing Capo, a pseudonymous analyst who called the crypto market “a bull trap.”

What Happened: Ash told his 609,000 followers on Twitter, “Capo said exit all the markets, I said enter all the markets.”

This comes at a time when Bitcoin BTC/USD reached $24,900 late on Wednesday evening for the first time since August 2022.

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Pseudonymous analyst Ash said he called to buy BTC when it was hovering around $16,000. “Today the price of BTC is $24,900.”

“It was a risky post but I have been seeing this same bottom move since 2016. I put money where my mouth is and bought BTC with 80% of my capital,” Ash added.

Capo has been bearish on crypto markets. The analyst on Thursday tweeted, “No changes. I’m not buying.”

Earlier, on Jan. 29, Capo said that he is “still short and strong” on Bitcoin.

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