One World Nation Launches Exclusive NFT Skins for Valentine’s Day


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Bengaluru, India, 15th February, 2023, Chainwire — Cupid has struck the Cryptoverse with the launch of special NFT skins for Valentine’s Day. Developed by the successful web3 gaming ecosystem One World Nation (OWN), the skins can be won by players by participating in love-themed community events and emerging triumphant. During OWN’s Love Week, players can also gift special discount coupons to themselves or their Community Valentine.

India’s top Play-to-Earn game, Crypto Fantasy is the flagship game of One World Nation. Based on the turbulent cryptocurrency markets, Crypto Fantasy gamifies the art of earning from digital asset movements. Crypto Fantasy forms a battleground of champions  –  an arena to showcase the true knowledge of crypto. Players must create a team of five Cryptonites (NFTs that represent crypto tokens) who can go up in value, compete and win huge rewards.

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