From life science to fintech, exploring the top 9 industries in Sweden


Though parts of the European market, like public equity, have experienced a recent decline, there are still areas with potential for investors. Following up on our coverage of how Swedish private equity endured volatility in 2022, we’re taking another look into the Swedish market and what investors are targeting. In this blog, we highlight the top industry verticals in Sweden by capital invested and some of their relevant statistics.

*Based on platform data collected on February 2, 2023. Data is subject to change. 

1. Manufacturing

Total capital invested: €159.6B
Deals in Sweden: 4,713
Median deal size: €4.3M

Manufacturing is a major contributor to the Swedish economy, with businesses in the vertical contributing 20% of the country’s total GDP in 2020. Sweden’s most commonly made items are steel, automotive components, industrial equipment, and food processing equipment, with some of its top producers including the Absolut Company and Veoneer. The largest deal relating to this vertical was for Swedish Match, a smokeless tobacco company acquired by Philip Morris…

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