GQ Magazine Launches Utility Driven NFT Art Project


GQ, the New York-based men’s magazine, is launching an NFT collection that will offer its fans various perks. Holders of these NFTs will have access to magazine subscriptions, merchandise, and live events. To bring the collection to life, GQ Magazine tapped into the expertise of four renowned artists: REO, Chuck Anderson, Sewath Attafuah, and Kelsey Niziolek.

The company challenged the quartet to use its motto, “Change Is Good,” as a guide in generating the digital art that would later form the collection. The end result was that each artist came up with over 100 “unique traits that could be combined in infinite ways.” These traits were then algorithmically combined to form the the basis of the 1,662 “GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good” NFTs.

Minting is set to commence on March 8 in phases, with an allowlist that is composed of its Discord members getting first…

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