People Are Giggling At These Selfies “Taken” By This Guy During His Time Travels (27 Pics)


Have you ever dreamed you could travel through time to meet your favorite historical personalities? Well, one guy has taken that wish to a whole new level. Meet Stelfie, your not-so-typical time traveler – he’s not even a real person. Well, at least not yet. No matter whether he’s real or not, Stelfie is one lucky guy who has “built” a time machine (powered by AI and Photoshop) to transport himself to different periods in history and snap selfies with some of the most iconic people or scenes from different centuries.

“I’ve been a big fan of ‘Back to the Future’ and once I had the opportunity to ‘build’ a time machine myself I felt the best way to celebrate was to have a lot of fun. Stelfie is about that, a funny guy who takes life with an ironic approach, a lucky traveler escaping from normal life to a dimension where everything is possible,” the creator of Stelfie shared.

Follow Stelfie on his journey through time as he meets and takes selfies with historical figures from Albert Einstein to Pablo Picasso. We believe that these images will leave you giggling and wondering what…

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