Simplifying the Complexity of Crypto and NFTs with Mike Krilivsky and NFTpay


Breaking down the barriers to NFT adoption with NFTpay’s free and easy solution.

With NFTpay, any company selling NFTs can now offer their NFTs to a broader audience without being limited by the complex and confusing process of crypto wallets, KYC, and crypto transfers. With NFTpay, customers can buy NFTs with just a credit card in less than a minute, making it accessible for everyone, including those without prior knowledge of crypto.

Under the leadership of CEO Mike Krilivsky, NFTpay is determined to simplify the NFT and Web3 world, bringing it to billions of people in an easy and unified way. Mike Krilivsky says, “Our mission is to make NFTs accessible to everyone. NFTpay offers a payment solution that enables anyone, even those unfamiliar with crypto, to buy an NFT in just a minute. We handle all the complicated aspects, such as crypto wallets, buying cryptocurrency, KYC, and potential chargebacks, so the consumer and company can enjoy a seamless experience. The consumer’s buying process is easier & companies’ selling process and customer support is better because things are…

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