Generative XYZ Launches Bitcoin NFT Marketplace for Generative and AI Arts


Bitcoin Non Fungible Tokens [NFTs] are becoming a trend in the Crypto and NFT space; with this comes stimulations of different arts on the Bitcoin [BTC] Network. However, Generative XYZ is the latest addition to the Ordinals Bitcoin ecosystem, Generative is next generation art marketplace on Bitcoin network with the mission to bring generative art to every home. The burbles on Ordinals BTC NFTs feels like what NFTs on Ethereum mainnet did in 2017.

Rodarmor, a serial Blockchain Developer found a script on the Satoshi Core few weeks ago which precipitated the establishment of NFTs on the BTC Network. Basically the ERC-721 standard on Bitcoin Network allows you to “Inscribe” individual Satoshi’s with data known as the Ordinals Bitcoin NFTs.

On the 10th February, 2023 the first on-chain art platform Generative was created on the Bitcoin Network by Punk3700, thanks to Rodarmor’s Ordinals scripts. Announcing the release on Twitter Punk3700 noted that Ordinals is an amazing piece of technology.

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